Conference History

Virtual Session

First Round Highlighted speakers

Author Affiliation Article Title
Psychology conference Dr. Ejoke Ufuoma Patience University of the Free State, South Africa Sources of meaning as a pathway to meaning in life on social well-being of African migrants in Sub-Saharan Africa
Psychology conference Dr. Christian Langkamp Practical Friendship, Germany Mapping out personal communities
Psychology conference Dr. Hitashi Lomash Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Service, New Delhi, India Critical Thinking In Milind Panho
Psychology conference Dr. Erjola Xhuvani Wisdom College University, Albania Some Legal Issues Related to The Proceeds of Money Laundering Offence and Case Law
Psychology conference Dr. Daniela Carstea University of Bucharest, Romania Donald Winnicott’s Vision of Health. Creative Processes as Defence Mechanisms against Anxiety and Trauma.
Psychology conference Prof. Dr. Ali Hussain The Islamic College, UK Re-examining Exorcism: Modern Minds re-structured: A Cross Cultural Analysis
Psychology conference Dr. Paul Reyes-Fournier Institute of Management Development, Switzerland Does Cancel Culture Affect the Bottom Line? The Story of How Valenced Arousal Met Brand Reputation and The Bottom Line Took a Hit
Psychology conference Prof. Dr. Olga Tapalova Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Kazakhstan Psychological characteristics of students with signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder
Psychology conference Dr. Gizem Akcan Faculty of Science and Letters, Turkey The Relationship Between Emotional Dysregulation, Ontological Well-Being, and Psychological Well-Being in Refugees
Psychology conference Dr. Constance Karing Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany The relevance of online delivery format for the efficacy of a mindfulness-based intervention in a student sample
Psychology conference Dr. Reeta Kumari University Department of Psychology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, India Loneliness and Social support of ageing People of Jharkhand (India)
Psychology conference Prof. Dr. Rosario Margarita Yslado Méndez Universidad Nacional Santiago Antunez de Mayolo, Peru Factors and consumption of alcoholic drinks in students of technological institute of higher education – Peru
Psychology conference Mrs. Margaret Ochieng Birkbeck University of London, UK Leadership Under Threat: A qualitative study on the experiences of stereotype threat among UK senior Black leaders
Psychology conference Ms. Lordivine Marie Pineda University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines Padayon: Telepsychotherapy use of university students in the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic
Psychology conference MSC. Rongting Sun Royal College of Music, UK How do Expert classical Pianists communicate their musical Ideas to a Student within a Masterclass
Psychology conference Ms. Dan Cheng The University of Hong Kong, China N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, a psychedelic, exerts nootropic effects by modulating mitochondria-associated endoplasmic reticulum membrane function in the models of Alzheimer’s disease
Psychology conference Ms. Meenakshi Chaubey KL University, India A Study of the Attitude in Hearing Disabled (using Hearing Aid) and Normal Children Towards their Social Environment And its Relationship with Emotional Stability and Anxiety Level
Psychology conference MSC. Nada Abdulrahman Altaweel University of Birmingham, UK Personality traits as risk factors of relapse or recurrence in major  depression: a systematic review
Psychology conference MSC. Megan Davies Medical School Hamburg, Germany “When I’m Perfect, I’ll Be Happy”: Preliminary Insights into Post-Operative Psychological Results of Cosmetic Surgery amongst Canadian and German Nationals.
Psychology conference Ms. Yumitra Kannan Taylor’s University, Malaysia Digital Storytelling Products (DSP) – Intervention to Increase Generativity Amongst Malaysian Educators in Middle or Late Adulthood
Psychology conference Mr. Qiang Xie University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA Can Peace of Mind Be Attained Through Mindfulness and Self-Compassion? TheMediating Role of Nonattachment
Psychology conference Ms. Najmah Alzahrani University of Leicester, UK The role of educational resilience in predicting internalising and externalising problems
Psychology conference Mr. Jan Waligórski Jagiellonian University, Poland Exploring the Potential of Virtual Reality Technology in the Treatment of Sexual Disorders
Psychology conference Ms. Alishba Ali Comsats University Islamabad, Pakistan Screen Exposure and Child Development: A Contextual Analysis of Pandemic

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